Initiative Center

Date: Oct 12
Course: Design Studio with Manuel Ocaña at IE University

Project Location: Cairo

During the revolution of January 25 2011, many people came to tahrir Square to voice their demands. Examples I remember were women, bus drivers, christians and disabled people. They raised awareness about their cause and their struggles and found support in the square. When Tahrir was evacuated many people lost contact, communication and therefore support.

With an empty plot overlooking the square, what better program to introduce than a center which registers the initiatives that were born in Tahrir. A space that would give them structure, facilities and an opportunity to grow.

The initiative center is a place where individuals and groups can register their cause, expose it to an audience, and invite people to join them and participate. These marginalized groups would be protected by the presence of many groups. They would have the ideal stage with an audience which is the public, waiting in Tahrir.

Main access points: 

The program:

The experience:

The initiative center located in central Cairo, will be a platform for all forward-moving initiatives. It will be open to all Egyptians and it will be a place where all sub-cultures will be heard. This center is intended for people to expose their culture to the rest of the population. It is a place where supporters can be found and initiatives can be born. The goal is to educate people to be active and to teach them their responsibility towards society and their impact on it.