Aam Hassan

Date: Feb 2012
Location: 13 Marashly st. Zamalek

This project was a response to the French artist, JR’s, call to action. It’s aim was to bring the unheard voices of the desert and the sea to the city.

In the time when Cairienes occupied Tahrir Square, rejecting the oppression of the past and voicing their demands for the future, many Egyptians were underrepresented.

This is 3am Hassan, a fisherman and a bedouin from the south of Egypt, who lives between a small village in the Wade El Gemal desert. He represents an indigenous bedouin community that has inhabited this desert region. They mostly live off the grid and minimize interaction with the government. They have their own economy of trade and provide their own security.

“Bedouins are not allowed to form political parties of register their lands.”

His photo was pasted on a private balcony wall visible to many high buildings housing one of Cairo’s wealthier Stratas. Located in the centrally located district of Cairo, Zamalek, the goal was to remind the active community of marginalized communities that equally had rights to fight for.