URBN is an experiential curating company that designs and curates experiences including events, exhibitions, private events, team-building events, workshops and more.

We work closely with our clients to understand their “why” and align ourselves with their overarching prupose and deliver experiences that engage their audience and community.

We are constantly embarking on new adventures with our clients. We are process-oriented and collaborate with expertise to guide our concepts.


Shelter Art Space // Sigma Properties // Alexandria International Academy // Omar Samra // Zawya Cinema // Up-fuse // Diwan Bookstore // Alamein // Wild Guanabana  // Rise-Up Summit // Caravanserai // Bardo Clubhouse // Hammam Sokhn Film


Human Nature // UNTY // The Vanished Library // Shanwar // Alamein // Wild Guanabana // Nature Conservation Egypt // Zawya Cinema // Up-Fuse // Synk