Bardo Opens

Date: July 2017
Client: Bardo Clubhouse
Location: Bardo Clubhouse
Project:  Clubhouse Opening

Catering: Bosayna Fahim
Team: Omar Mobarek, Tarek Effat, Farahnaz Hany, Kamal Marei, Oat.

This project was a collaboration with Bardo Clubhouse. I was asked to curate the opening event of one of the few additions to Cairo’s creative platform.  The event would put on display activities that could and would be hosted by this renovated 1940’s villa. The concept of the event was a micro-theatre for the arts that would take the guests on a journey through the space. We layered this experience with hints of the culture this community is building through maps and signs. 

“Bardo is a day and night urban clubhouse, a run-down 1940's villa turned into a space for the community to enjoy. The clubhouse offers classes at all levels in Movement, Art, Design, Multimedia and studios for rent.”