Cairo 1:1 - Documentary Film Workshop

About the Workshop

Cairo 1:1 is a workshop, led by Anke Riester, for anyone who has a story to tell and would like to learn the fundamentals of documentary film-making. In this hands-on documentary filmmaking laboratory you will be professionally guided through the development of your own short documentaries reflecting 1:1 encounters with the city. Over the course of the workshop, you will receive theoretical and practical input as you develop on their respective projects. The goal of this workshop is to make the medium of film a more accessible tool.

Our goal as Urbn is to bridge knowledge and skill, as well as to connect our community with professionals who share our values and have world-class talent.

About Anke

Anke Riester is a Cinematographer and Documentary filmmaker based in Berlin.

Since over a decade she combines her fascination for the moving picture with her love for traveling. Starting out with a 3 years education at a German broadcaster as editor and camera operator, she studied documentary filmmaking with the emphasis on Cinematography in Italy. Her diploma movie KALYUG was screened at various film festivals around the globe. After that she shot several long feature docs in Asia and Africa and supported multiple NGOs in their work. Based in Berlin since 2013 she realized various projects as DP, director and Producer.

Anke’s Cinematography Reel:


Full Course Requirements:

1) An idea for your project that is accessible to shoot during the workshop. (The topic and the protagonist should be accessible to you during the time of the workshop since we will be shooting and re-shooting.)
2) Filming equipment (of any kind) that you are familiar with.
3) Software to edit with that you are familiar with.
4) Good command of the english language.

Caravanserai Art Space.
28 Ahmed Heshmat Zamalak.
For map view, click here.

FULL COURSE: You will work on your own ideas while you learn and apply documentary film-making theory. You will receive regular feedback sessions and one-on-ones with Anke.
PRICE: 2900L.E

OPEN SESSIONS: You can attend any of these sessions to receive the content. You can attend as many sessions as you want.  
PRICE: 400L.E per session

To book a session or the workshop, please call, text or whatsapp:

To request a call back, click here

Please book the full course before Tuesday the 10th.
Open sessions can be booked one day ahead. 

Payments can be dropped off in Zamalak at the Caravanserai Shop or you can request pick up by contacting the number above.