Compost Storage Waste

Date: Dec 14
Course: Technical Systems II

Supervisors: Luiz Alvarez, Xavier Aguiló, Nieves Plaza

The goal of this project is to develop a compost storage space for UEM’s new recycling system. It has recently decided to take a step closer to being a sustainable campus. This step involves making a biodigestor on campus to treat the waste produced by the campus community. The biodigestor will receive organic (from cafeteria), green (from gardening) and paper (from printing stations) waste. The biodigestor will need multiple facilities, those include: a pre-treatment facility, a facility for the biodigestion to occur, a facility to handle the gases produced (CO2 and methane) and finally a facility to store compost which will be used as soil fertilizer. This report is focused on the facility of storing the fertilizer. It will investigate the spatial requirements as well as the optimum condition for fertilizer to be stored in.

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