No Thanks!

An Exhibition on Sustainability. 

Date: May 2018
Client: UpFuse
Location: Caravanserai Art Space
Duration: 1 Week

Team:  Shahd Osman, Aliaa Badr, Seif Fawzy, Mohamed Shehata, Omar Refaat

Up-fuse is a lifestyle brand and social enterprise, based in Cairo, that promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing environmentally and socially responsible bags and products that support local communities in Egypt.

The client wanted to raise awareness about sustainable fashion. Considering the Egyptian society, where very little is being done to raise awareness on sustainable living, the exhibition extended to tackling that issue starting with the basics. The exhibition highlighted how we as consumers can make better decisions during our everyday lives and what the consequences of our actions are. By committing to a 'less is more' approach, we can positively impact the environment simply by saying "No Thanks!" The exhibition featured speakers, films, art installations, and the launch of UpFuse’s new collection.

The exhibition space became a platform for people working in relevant fields to hold talks and workshops. Those included a talk on urban nature in Cairo by the Nature Conservation Egypt, women’s hygiene and waste,  conscious consumption, pollution in space and a info session on an app being launched to help the municipality collect waste more efficiently.