Reefo’s Roof

Date: Mar 18
Duration: 3 nights
Location: Reefo’s Roof, Zamalek, Cairo
Events: Open Mic + Trivia

MC: Seif Fawzy, Youssef Idris
Quiz Master: Dem7a
Photos by: Yassin Montasser
Chefs: Hourig Mekhtigian, Seif Fathalla, Rasha Azab, Lina
Team: Shahd Osman, Omar Refaat, Seif Fawzy, Mustafa El Shishiny, Aly Lotfy

A series of events on a low-rise Cairo building rooftop. Another attempt at transforming an under-utilized space to a vibrant temporary venue. Two nights of Trivia followed by an open mic night and home-made pizza made by different chefs every night.

This project poked the limits between private and public. Inviting the citizens to go through a residential building and up onto its rooftop. The map on the poster references a previous events location giving  attendees multiple perspectives of a micro piece of Zamalek.