Roba Vecchia #01

Date: Dec 16
Location: A small cozy garden in Zamalek
Attendees: 150

Illustrations: Shanwar
Poster Design: Ernst Hansen
DJ: Habiba

Videoography: Machu Lopez
Editing: Sherif Abouzeid
Team:  Aliaa Badr, Aisha Sabry, Omar Refaat, Hana Zaghloul, Sarah Hatem, Mariam Hamad, Adam Marmoush, Luiza, Amr Badr

An experminetal event challenging the public vs the private and certain local social values. This first Roba Vecchia targeted the upper class community of Zamalek to challenge their norms of consumption. It was an invitation for the community to sell their used goods and a provocation to the members of this socio-economic segment to buy used goods. Artists were also invited to sell their artwork. There was a total show of 150 people, sales did not go well but there could be many reasons for this including a big disparity in pricing, bad signage for the fitting rooms, no mirror and the location of the displays. Beyond the market was a private garden made public with a barbecue and bar selling beer and wine. Minimal entertainment was provided by DJ Habiba and was followed by an open mic session that lasted 2 hours past closing time. The event got a lot of good feedback, it also attracted curious individuals and avoided big groups  because of its short-notice marketing and its hidden location.