Sidewalk Social

Date: Jan 2018
Location: 28 Ahmed Heshmat. Zamalek
Duration: 4 days

Collaborators:  The Vanished Library, Shanwar Illustrations
Team: Seif Fawzy, Mustafa El Shishini, Omar Refaat, Shahd Osman,  Shahinda Osman, Alia Badr, Anna Gampe, Ahmed Youssef, Aisha Sabry

Sidewalk Social was a 4 day book market that aimed to bring together book lovers. It extended to selling affordable art and antique posters. This event occupied a small garage on the street, visible and accessible to the public. In the backyard, small events took place at night that gave the market a nocturnal second life. While transforming the space many offered to help so creating the event became an event in itself giving the community ownership and an opportunity to be involved with their urban space. Many stopped and wondered what it was, many looked for it when it shut down 4 days later.