Social Condenser

Date: Feb 14
Course: Design Studio 4
Professor: Romina Canna

The Social Condenser is an architectural experience that exhibits diverse activities to the user throughout their experience of the building. After analyzing the current conditions of living in Segovia, introducing such a dynamic program to the local community would give a twist to the city. Due to this, the building is meant to inspire

and challenge the routine habits of the locals as well as introduce them to alternative activities to broaden their interests.

The spaces and the transitions between them are designed to reflect the diversity of activities occupying different spatial zones.  This was done through the manipulation of scale and materiality. By changing the scale from one space to another, it would trigger a mental cue for the user that they are transitioning from one activity to another. The architecture as well as the program go hand in hand to create a sequence of diverse experiences in the condensed building.