The Art of Exploration

Date: Feb-Mar 2017
Duration: 3 weeks
Location: Caravanserai Art Space
Client: Omar Samra

Curator: Alia Sabry
Illustrations: Tarek Abdelkawi
Exhibition Video: Nour El Din + Jethoven
Brochure Design: Ernst Hansen and Alia Sabry
Team: Ernst Hansen, Omar Refaat, Osama Rashad, Ahmed Helaly

The Art of Exploration was a 3-week multi-sensory exhibition that invited the audience to think beyond the realm of adventure travel, and to reflect on the idea of what it means to truly explore.Faciliated by Egyptian climber, Omar Samra, who ventured off on an expedition with the goal of summiting the unknown and carving out a new route for the rarely ascended. On the theme of exploration, Samra dubbed this voyage Planet VII after the obscure and unknown realm of Antarctica. The exhibition displayed visuals, drawn by artist Tarek AbdelKawi, which are an artistic translation of Samra’s experience on Planet VII.