The Social Blender

Date: May 14
Course: Design Studio 4

The concept of externalization is to remove all the activities that usually occur within an apartment except the basic needs that require privacy and isolation. This strategy gives residents less reasons to stay inside their rooms and pushes them to go outside and interact with the rest of the spaces and more importantly to be able to share.

While there are many differences that divide the people, there are certain aspects that are shared by the whole society. These three things are food, Egyptian cinema and Cairo’s urban experience. Although each of these creates a different connection between the people, they are strong bonding points. These elements will bring the people together and give them more reasons to stay outside their rooms and continuously encounter and exchange.

UMMAH means a haven, a place of safety, a place offering favourable conditions that benefits all. This project aims to provide that to Cairienes and Egyptians in order to re-integrate marginalized communities into society and counter the urban segregation that exists in Cairo. It consists of floating platforms of public space which can travel along the nile connecting o the banks of the river or creating islands where people can gather. Programs of the platforms are generated by the people and will always depend on their needs. The aim is to create a neutral space for all, built by all and defined by all while avoiding privatization, evacuation and division. A tool for Egyptians to build bridges and connect with one another and to build their UMMAH.