The Way We Learn

- An exhibition about Education

Date: Apr 2019
Client: Alexandria International Academy
Location: Spectrum Developments Headquarters - Alexandria, Egypt

Curators:  Alia Sabry + Alya Chiaty
Designers:  Alia Sabry + Alya Chiaty
Collaborators: Makouk
Ahmed Samra / Farida El Gueretly / Nadine Gomaa
Makers: Alya Chiati / Omar Refaat / Ragui Elissa
Copywriter: Farah Osman
Translators: Farah Abed / Heba Ghaleb / Maye Dahan
Project Manager: Alia Sabry Site Manager: Noor Selim
Volunteers: Ahmed El Deeb / Ahmed Samra / Aisha Sabry / Cindy Youssef / Hoda Elattar / Abdel Hamid Sabry 
Project Consultant: Ali Azmi

Many of us have been fortunate enough to receive a quality education, and to experience the power of openness, creativity, and critical thinking. It is also through this exposure that we are able to discern how impactful education is in shaping who we become and how we contribute to the world, even from our youngest years.

Education has long been at the forefront of human progress and innovation. But in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and dynamic world, we believe it is time to redefine education – its purpose, its foundations, and its role in our society. And in a country with approximately 36.6% of the population under the age of 18, it is integral to our development as a nation to equip our children today to become the future citizens of tomorrow.

It is in this vein that we have been commissioned by AIA to create this pop-up cultural space. As youth, educators, learners, knowledge-seekers, and global citizens ourselves, we have come together to create a space of curiosity, knowledge, and interaction. A space dedicated to uncovering the how, what, and why of education.

In examining the above, we hope you will discover how many key turning points in our lives emerge throughout our education. The moment a child is afforded a safe learning environment that caters to their unique learning needs. Or a teenager is equipped with the tools and support needed to overcome a challenging educational milestone. Or a young adult is empowered to make critical decisions about their future based on a deeper intellectual, social, and moral understanding of themselves. These moments build on one another to instill a deeper sense of self – both within ourselves and within society.