Date: Dec 14
Course: Taller Ciudad

This project consisted of an urban analysis of Torrelodones, a municipality in the northwest of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain. It is situated 29 kilometers northwest from the city of Madrid. Because of its location between the Sierra de Guadarrama and the metropolitan area of the capital, it is linked to two districts in Madrid: the agricultural area of Guadarrama and the metropolitan area of Madrid. The goal was to improve connectivity as well as create central nodes where the community could meet for different reasons. But to improve the urban platform to host a stronger social fabric.

sists of floating pla

tforms of public space which can travel along the nile connecting o the banks of the river or creating islands where people can gather. Programs of the platforms are generated by the people and will always depend on their needs. The aim is to create a neutral space for all, built by all and defined by all while avoiding privatization, evacuation and division. A tool for Egyptians to build bridges and connect with one another and to build their UMMAH.

Prior to this phase, there were two phases of research conducted in group. Miguel Broekhuizen and I researched and designed the below: