Urban Crossings

A Speed Dating Experiment
Date: Oct 2018
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Event Organizers: Alia Sabry + Nader Wahba
Graphic Designer: Alia Sabry

Q: What is your feedback on Cairo's dating scene?

:Difficult to get to know people out of our circles
:There is a general air of lack of commitment, and I don't mean a commitment to be with a person but one that allows both parties to be invested in spending the time to get to know one another. There usually is a lack of connection as most conversations scratch the surface level and those that turn into a real connection often scares one or both parties.
:Troublesome due to the teeny tiny size of Cairo's social scene
:It’s tough, guys/girls rarely walk up to someone and strike up a conversation so you’re basically stuck with your friends (unless you want to hit on your friends)
:Quite incestuous, always ending up with people you know or friends of friends and often ending up with someone that's been with someone you know
:Very poor cause of culture issues
:It has changed over the last decade, now mongomous relationships are rare
:It gets hard to meet people outside your circle of friends, the dating pool is somehow limited
:Not that many interesting men
:Having a serious relationship can be difficult in Cairo

Q: What is your feedback on Cairo's social scene?

:Traditional and boring
:Seems to be a lack of interest to get to know and listen to others as opposed to show off ones views or attitudes towards others
:No comment
:Mine field, so much bad juju that needs to be maneuvered around
:I love it
:Very closed circles, each circle with a very particular vibe, lifestyle, etc. Rarely see people engage with more than one circle
:Friendly and welcoming to an extent
:In zamalek there's a wider range of things to do than other places like new cairo
:Cool things happen often
:Young and cliquey.
:It’s good. There are lots of events and good restaurants and bars

Q: Why was this event appealing to you?

:It’s unique
:Because I hate dating apps
:There is this annoying ambiguous and ambivalent energy within social scene in Egypt, so this event was a great way to connect with others without the distractions and hesitations that plague the scene
:Meeting 10 people in 90 minutes, the people putting this together, the setting, all made me curious and intrigued to comeCuriosity and a genuine desire to meet new and interesting and exiting people.
:I love meeting new people and being open to new connections
:Funny thing is I thought of organizing a speed dating event a couple of years ago and never did, so naturally, I was so happy when I heard about it. It’s a great chance to meet people outside of your social circle.
:Adding something new to Cairo's social activities, a real opportunity to connect with new people One of a kind, new idea and activity
:The event is new, early on in the evening and does not envolve heavy drinking therefore it is an awesome way to meet new peopleI wanted to meet new people I wanted to meet new people
:Different format of an evening out. It was also fun to have a new and organized structure to interact with people.

Q: What other voids or challenges do you find in the city?

:Partly my fault... lazy to go out and about
:Feeling judged and uncomfortable about trying new things or taking initiative
:Too many rules and regulations when it comes to dating ... Why can't ppl just meet up and talk and let chips fall as they may?
:Way to vague of a question.
:Lack of public and shared spaces. Lack of freedom (of any form of expression) in most spaces
:Meeting new people and finding alternative events/outings
:Good restaurants, good bars, good clubs, good parks, good everything really
:8 minutes was a bit short. 10 is perfect
:Events are usually zamalek oriented long drive for some of us
:Awful traffic all the time
:You don't meet people from very different scenes or doing different things work wise.
:Cultural differences. Traffic