Cinema Zawya

Date: Sep 2018
15 Emad El Din, Downtown, Cairo

Concept Developers: Alia Sabry + Shahd Osman
Alia Sabry + Shahd Osman

Construction Supervisor: Mohamed Shehata + Youssef Shazli

COMMUNITY // Downtown, in the heart of Cairo, is a district that has seen much over the course of the past century, and until today continues to be on every Cairene’s path. Zawya is an art house cinema residing in one of the citys most culturally enthralling districts and it is one of the few venues that survives as a public space and a cultural center. As a result, Zawya-Kareem is a place that will be accessible to many and attractive for all, which celebrates the art of film both locally and internationally.

By creating a special visitor experience, Zawya-Kareem can be an example of the ideal structure of shared spaces, bridging gaps and serving as a cultural hub for all those with a passion for cinema in specific and the arts in general.

DESIGN // Cairo is a city with overwhelming visual noise. Our goal is to create a neutral space that is easy on the eyes, quietens the noise, and broadens the mind. Zawya-Kareem will be a functional space, reflecting what we would like to see one day in the rest of Cairo. Design themes include clear and visually peaceful signage, colour neutrality (black, white, natural wood) communal growth and belonging, and social interconnectivity.

Keeping in mind Cairo’s difficulties with upkeep, we envision Zawya-Kareem as a low maintenance and highly durable venue, that will maintain its appeal over time, even with wear and tear. The venue itself will be functional and will serve to enhance the experience of the visitor, providing constant opportunities for engagement with others and with the films themselves, providing feedback, suggestions, and creative outlets for visitors.